PAIN INTO POWER Bracelet (Limited Edition of 10)


LIMITED EDITION - Healing crystals unisex bracelet featuring Amethyst & Lava Stone. Made in collaboration with Agape Mama.

X – Represents the X chromosome something we all have in common #unity

Amethyst – Powerful healing and protective crystal linked to the crown chakra. Associated with positivity, clearing the mind, abundance, relieving stress, enhanced creativity, intuition, efficiency, and wards off addiction.

Lava Stone – Oldest stone in the world for emotional and spiritual healing. Aligned with the root chakra and rebirth. It promotes calming yet intense raw energy, grounding, and stabilizing due to its strong ties to the earth.

10% of net proceeds on all self care items are being donated to, the only Canadian charity training and empowering youth leaders to revolutionize mental health. Through their programs, Jack.Org is ensuring young people in Canada take care of their mental health and get the help they deserve, when they need it.